Cool cottage in the country plans to spetsialnymshim

Every man in my life to build a house, raise a child and always planted near his home a lot of trees. The only question that building – it is not easy. Of course, you can apply to the services of the workers that carry out the design model. For those who do not know – is a template that can be slightly modified, but can be left as is. Of course, all people as people. So if possible I would like everyone to live in a posh house, which differs from other typical homes. Most importantly, it was present soul, which is combined with the external features of the home that would have really liked you. You will see a list of our services for the construction and layout of the cottages. There is the idea that the tree has the ability to feed each of its own energy. So the house designs of the beam so needed today. In ancient times in Russia, a huge mass of buildings was created out of real wood. Perhaps our ancestors had some knowledge, but today the wooden houses are built one more significant reason. Cities metropolitan crowded cars, factories. The general economic situation in the state shrinks to the size of each town, where this problem is clearly expressed. Projects of timber log cabins built in the town, saving everyone from a dirty environment. What is a razbrevnovka? This is a complete flat plan that takes into account any quality wood, its properties. Experienced people make records of wall elements that are necessary for the organization structure of the constructions made of logs. That is, you can buy as projects of wooden houses with a bath and calculated solely on the house or cottage. The above service can help reduce the cost of the material. That is an accurate count of the number of materials will help you gain a number of the tree is not too much, so there was no unused material. In addition, the draft of the log cottages implies the absence of any situations not predict when its assembly and manufacture. As mentioned a little above, the projects are made subject to any characteristics of the tree. These features not only reduce the inconvenience of stay in the cottage, but accompanied by the maintenance of health of each. First, the tree has a high thermal performance. That is, in winter the temperature of the atmosphere in the home will remain stable and are preserved heat. In the summer time is saved chill. Draft country houses of logs into account all the nuances and the volume of wood, and it provides no draft, among other things. But this does not prove that the cottage will be little space. Every tree is endowed with the airing of this property because the structure of the fiber. I mean the whole day for updates for more than 30% of the air. The air is cleaned through the wood fibers and into the house, along with the sweet smells of delight. It should be clear that if you want to use for the construction of round logs, the price of the project will be significantly less than building a house out of concrete. The walls in the house made of wood does not require registration, and it will significantly reduce your construction costs. Come and book projects on our website. . Самые странные дома москвы. . generic viagra . videoпроститутки | Папа и сексапильная дочка